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BLEM MODEL - YL-PSLi Yak Lights WaterProof Lithium Power Supply

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OUR BLEM PRODUCTS ARE 100% BRAND NEW AND INCLUDE A FULL FACTORY WARRANTY. You will see a blemish to the finish on power supplies, an imperfection in the housing on a LED light strip or some packaging might be damaged. You also might get a fully working prototype that was changed visually at the end of development.

The YL-PSLi Yak Lights Water Proof Power Supply is designed to give you long lasting power for your yak lights lighting system or any 12v light/accessory system. This power supply will provide you will the long lasting power you need to be the first one on the water, and the last one to leave. Using Lithium technology, you have a stronger more steady voltage and more amp output for longer run times.

The YL-PSLi system includes the heavy Duty PVC housed Battery pack with included mag mount system, waterproof quick disconnect plug and quick wire connector to make wiring and connecting to your YL-PSLi easy. Also include crimp connectors.


Long cycle charging improves the life cycle and holding capacity of Iithium batteries. Fully charges in under 6 hours.

Continuous Draw of 3amps. Do Not Exceed 5amp output.


YL-PSLi Lithium Ion Battery pack 11.1v 6000mah

110v AC wall charger

Mounting Magnet

Mounting Plate

Quick Disconnect Plug

Crimp Connectors and Hardware

1 Year Warranty.


Your YL-PSLi is easy to use and install. First, make sure your YL-PSLi is fully charged. The YL-PSLi comes with the mag mounting system. This mounting system is designed to hang the power supply on its side, upside down or any other method that makes the power supply close at hand and easy to reach. This system makes removing and swapping out YL-PSLi is simple.


With the use of our YL-PLATE (Powder Coated Mounting Plate) and MAG90 (90lb pull Magnet), you can install a system that can be placed and removed easily. This is the most permanent, portable mounting solution available. Simply find the best location for your YL-PSLi, and using the installed double-sided tape on the mounting plate, place and install the mounting plate. Your Mag Mount System is ready! Place your power supply, magnet side to the mounting plate. This system can be installed where the power supply hangs on a side wall, upside down on a dry hatch, or any other place that makes the power supply accessible and easy to reach.


Charge your YL-PSLi ONLY with the supplied Charger. Full charge will take between 5-6 hours. Once charged, you may leave the battery plugged into the charger, at which time it will safely float charge the battery. When stored for long periods, please keep the YL-PSLi charged and dry.


Your YL-PSLi is equipped with a water proof quick disconnect plug for simple installation and integration with other yak Lights products. Providing power to your Yak Lights can be controlled by simply crimping the proper light wires to an IP68 Waterproof Quick Plug Wired Connector Set (QD-WS), or by using switches (SW-TOG) to control separate lights.

*Consult your products instruction sheet for proper wiring procedure.

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