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Standard Wiring Diagram for wired Kits
Nav lights, Worklights, Spotlight, Power Supply, and Switches 


A: Nav Lights

B: Work Lights

C: Spotlight

AS: Nav Lights

BS: Work Lights

CS: Spotlight

X: Power Supply











Installing your Yak Lights on your kayak is an easy process, and once done properly, will last you the lifetime of your kayak. To cut down on the amount of holes you need to drill into your hull, we have designed a system that will fit on most dry hatch covers, and will let you secure your spotlight and internally mount your power supply. Using our magnet mounting system, you are able to position your spotlight any direction you wish, be able to take it on and off in seconds, and in the case of a roll over or accidental flip, the spotlight will safely pop off the magent mount, reducing the amount of damage, and in most cases leaving your kayak damage free unlike a hardmounted or rail mounted spotlight. (Use of a safety tether is reccommended).


Utilizing our waterproof quickdisconnect plug, you can have a waterproof power plug ready to power your lights, and using our 3 conductor wire, you can have a clean install, and controll two seperate light groups (Spotlight/Nav Lights) with one cable run.  


Installation Instructions

1. Find and mark the location of your power supply, switches, quick disconnect plugs, and lights. MEASURE TWICE, DRILL ONCE. 


2. Mount your power supply and Spotlight with the included magnet mounting system. All wires will be going to the power supply, so make sure you have a good safe location picked out. Use the included bolts to secure your brackets to your kayak. Use of some waterproof silicone might be good, but we have found in most cases finding a good flat location for your mounting brackets is more than adaquate to keep it waterproof. On the Jackson Dry hatch cover, you are able to "sandwich" the two brackets together on the hatch cover to make the most secure connection possible. This method gives you a solid mounting system outside and insde your kayak, giving you instant access to the power supply. Use of fender washers is a reccommended process for installs that use just one mounting bracket.   

3. Drill and mount the switches. Find a dry location that will sheild them from water as much as possible. The provided switches are waterproof, but over time the waterproof boots will become worn. Check periodically to ensure the boots are stil intact. use of dielectric grease is reccommmended at all electrical connections. 

4. Wire your front and rear NAV lights group together so they are all powered at the same time. Wire together your work lights group as well. Use the included crimp connectors to combine the wires. Simply wind the two red wires together (one from each light), put the crimp conector on the end. Do this same method for the ground wires on each light group. (All ground wires can be wired together, but the power wires of each group have to stay seperate from the other groups to switch each seperate light group on and off.)  


5. Your power supply has two power outputs (THE TOP TWO PORTS),

and one Ground output (BOTTOM PORT). Using the supplied power plug,

wire in your POWER wires to one or both of the power leads on the power plug.

Powering multiple light groups is easy to do with a singel power wire using our

jumper method.  Run one wire from your power supply to your switches. Cut a 4 inch

long peice of wire and twist to the end of the power wire from the power supply. Crimp a

connector and use this to power the first switch. Cut three more 4 inch pieces of wire and 

twist and crimp each end, to make 4 end points all together. Now power all 4 switches with

one wire using our Jumper method! 


6. Connect the light groups power wies to the output of each switch. 


7. Run a GROUND wire fromt he power supply to each light and combine all ground wires by the power supply.


8. Connect the GROUND Wire bundle to the GROUND port on the power plug.

(You are supplied with extra wire and connectors in case you need to extend the length of your wires.)


9. Plug in your Spotlight/Nav light combo, plug in your power supply, mount to the magnet plate. Test your system by switching each switch on at a time and checking for lights not turing on. 


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