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YL-PSLi Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How long will the YL-PSLi power my lights?

A: The answer lies in how many lights you have, and how many amps they pull. The YL-PSLi is a 6000mah Lithium cell which equates to 6ah (Amp Hour). So if your light system pulls 1 amp, you can run your system for 6 hours. If your system pulls 3 amps, your system will run for 2 hours.


DR-1280 SPOTLIGHT .90ah


FL33 STRIPLIGHT .60-.80ah (depending color) 

FL12 STRIPLIGHT .10-.40ah (depending color)

FL3 STRIPLIGHT .06-.12ah (depending color)

Q: What kind of battery cell do you use?

A: We use the highest quality round Samsung cells from Japan to ensure our battery system operates at optimum levels of consistency. If kept charged up when not in use, and kept clean, the YL Series power supplies can last up to 10 years. 


Q: What sort of protection does the battery have?

A: Our battery features a sophisticated protection circuit that integrates over load, short circuit, and over charge protection in a small, waterproof system. 


Q: How does the battery mount on a kayak?

A: We have developed  a simple but effective magnet mounting system that has proven to be one the easiest and reliable mounting systems for kayaks using the most powerful 3M Mounting tape. You attach the magnet on your battery, attach the mounting disc inside the hull of your kayak, and your system is ready to securely mount your battery system. 

Q: How does the battery wire into the light system?

A: The YL Series power supplies include a IP67 waterproof quick connect plug that locks in place once properly connected and is extremely heavy duty. It has a 3 wire connection, BLACK-GROUND, RED/GREEN-POWER. 

Standard Wiring Diagram for YL-PSLi/YL-PSLiUSB

6000mah Lithium Power Supply

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2018 YL-PSLi INSTRUCTIONS_Page_2.jpg
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