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Underglow Light Kit - Install Instantly on any water vessel!

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Designed specifically for ease of use with our tried and true components, this is the heaviest duty and brightest portable underglow light kit available! Simply attach the straps to the kayak or paddle board, plug in the lights to the waterproof battery, power on using the power button and you are ready for hours of on water exploring! Perfect for kayak tours and family fun!

Our FL33 strips are made from solid aluminum PCBs to provide the most rugged LED strips available while still making them flexible to mold around the curves of water vessels. The new YLX-6 Lithium-Ion heavy duty waterproof power supply provides hours of steady power with included strap and locking connector to ensure you have a solid and secure connection with the lights. LIFETIME WARRANTY ON LEDs!

*We offer discounts for fleet orders. You will LOVE these kits!

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