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YL-PSLi12 - 2 Channel 12ah Lithium-Ion Battery System

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OUR LONGEST RUNNING POWER SUPPLY! 12ah of solid Lithium-Ion Power!

The new YL-PSLi12 12ah power supply is our most innovative power supply to date, featuring 2 channel operation controllable via 2 waterproof switches. The YL-PSLi12 provides the kayak angler a convenient way to power your lights since you dont have to install switches.

Includes charger and tactical mount system for easy install and charging.

WEIGHT: 1.2lbs


CAPACITY: 12000mAh

TO CHARGE: Plug included smart charger to 110v wall socket and attach to battery. Press one of the buttons on the power supply to make sure the battery is on, completing the circuit. The indicator light on the charger with turn orange while the charger is charging, and will turn green once the battery is fully charged.

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